Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!

How could I let Father's Day pass by without writing some shout outs? 

To my Daddy, I just want you to know that I am so proud of you. That might sound silly, but it's just incredible to me how hard you work for your family. There are so many fathers out there that don't work or don't care to support their families, but I can say the complete opposite about you. You have always been a huge example of staying focused and diligent and persevering. I thank you for that, and I want you to know that I truly believe in you. You are a great man, and I believe that this next part of your life will be the part that God really brings you into His peace and rest and, Praise God, JOY! I am praying for that new job, it's just what the doctor ordered. I love you Daddy! Mwuah, xoxoxo. Caught mine? I caught yours :)

To Dad, I am so excited that we are following you and mom. I want a marriage like you guys. I want us to be a parents like you guys. And I am so thankful to have a husband  that wants to be just like you & Jesus. Thank you so much for taking me in like I am your real daughter and nothing short of it. You guys have been amazing to me and there is really no way I will be able to thank you enough. I love you Dad more than I can possibly explain here! Okay, now let's go see lives changed in Southeast Asia, in Jesus name, Amen!

And To My Husband, I watched as Sailor fell asleep on your chest tonight. I see the way she is always most excited whenever You come home at night. And I wonder, how in the world did I get you? I guess God only knows. He was sure being kind to me when he brought me you. You are my #1 favorite person in this entire world. I don't even understand sometimes how you can get up every morning so early, work such long hours (with no air-conditioning), and then come home and do everything that needs to be done without making ANY complaints. I admire you & I will do everything I can to make that known to our children. I Love You! I am your Number One Fan. What can I ever do to show you how much you mean to me. If only there were a way for you to really feel exactly what I feel for you in the deepest places of my heart. You mean the world to me. I want to be right next to you all through this life and then all through eternity. You are God's Choice Picked Prince! Thank you for everything. I love you.

Good Story...

I had something really sweet happen this afternoon and it was just a special reminder of how much God really delights in us. He really knows us and he takes note of even the smallest desires of our hearts. Okay, and so the story goes...

Katie Hope called me today and asked if she could come by to bring me something (which she always has surprises for me and Sailor, and it's always something very thoughtful). Well, she comes in with this bag that me and Sailor open tog
ether, and it's the most perfect wallet in the world (for me at least!). It is a red white and blue sailor wallet from Urban Outfitters, and we all know I love sailor stuff because I even named my daughter that. Anyways, what is so special about this wallet is Gabe and I went to Urban Outfitters in Baton Rouge last week and I saw that exact wallet and I wanted it soooooo bad, but I couldn't get it. It was the only thing in the store I wanted and I could feel my heart flop in my chest when I saw it. No one knew anything about that wallet but Gabe or would even know that I had even been to that store. 

(The blue wallet on the right side is the one she gave me. It's by loop,, amd it's called Oooh Sailor!)
Once I told Katie the story about the wallet, she reminded me that I had given her a bathing suit earlier this week. She said that she had seen the exact bathing suit top in the store a few weeks earlier and had really wanted it, but couldn't get it because the store had no fitting room to try it on. But sure enough, I gave her that bathing suit and had no idea she had wanted it. 

This may just be a simple little story to you who read this, but to me it's a precious reminder of our incredible Heavenly Father. He is the greatest Daddy ever! Lately I have been really receiving this word into my heart. The other day I was holding my sweet little girl, and all I could think about was how God even feels stronger for me than I could ever feel for my little one. That's a huge revelation because I love my daughter so much and can't even imagine a greater love. But there surely is one, a love from our Heavenly Father!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Debt Free Update

I am a little bit sad to say this, but we did not reach our goal to have our debt completely paid off by May 31st. We would have had it almost done with, but we used the money instead to buy our plane tickets for Thailand. It was a tough decision at first, but we knew if we waited any longer to buy those tickets, they would have went up in price a lot. 

No worries though, we aren't leaving for another two months, so that is plenty of time to stay focused and get that debt knocked out!!!! This is definitely not something we are taking lightly. We are gazelle intense about this. 

If only someone would have told us not to take out student loans. We didn't even need them for school, they were just used for whatever we wanted at the time. Bottom line - they were a huge mistake that have done no good for us except to teach us a lesson. 

Okay, back to here and now, we will have our debt paid off by the end of July - in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Jesus bought our freedom from debt and poverty on the cross and there is nothing the enemy can do to stop us from receiving the Lord's blessing. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, we will be DEBT FREE this summer!

Left to pay ........... $3505.85

Please believe with us on this!