Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just wanted to post some more random, adorable pictures of Sailor Grace Foster, because it is our blog and we can do that :). 

above: Passport picture
below: This one looks like Dawn as a baby.

above: Perfect Swimwear - All American Girl Sailor


I thought these were definitely worth sharing with everyone. I love my baby girl and sometimes I feel like I don't act proud of her enough, but I totally am proud of her. Thank you Lord for this gift you have given me!

This is Sailor holding Ashley Hall's newest baby boy. Ashley and her husband Adam are some precious friends of ours and they now have 4 beautiful children. Sailor had got the baby out of his car seat when no one was looking, and she just proceeded to take care of the baby like she knew exactly what she was doing. She's going to be wonderful in helping us take care of some special children in Asia.

I love these pictures! Sailor really likes to be right next to Matthew Wallace Hughes (Dadis). Maybe she thinks of him as the cool older boy or something, hehe. She does love Zion Hughes too and he's really close to her age. I'll have to post a picture of them next time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thai Friends in Hammond ... WOW

We just wanted to share our new friends with you guys. We met these guys at McDonalds. They are all here on like a work program. Most of the people that are in town right now on this work program are from Thailand. How amazing is that! We just know that it is the Lord. He gave us these special friends during this particular season in our lives when we are preparing to move to a far away land. Our new friends have been teaching us the Thai language and we are teaching them better English. Thank you God for showing your love for us in the most precious things such as this!

left to right: Wax, Oon, Ty, Pat, & Gabe
We bought them crawfish to eat one night. In Thailand crawfish are considered pets. They cost about $35 a piece in Thailand and Thai people keep them in fish tanks. They thought we were rich because we bought so many, but they were only 99 cents a pound here. :)

Wax, Pat, & Ty