Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life and Everything In It...

So hey guys! I haven't written on here in a while. Gabe has, but not me. I thought I would just share some of my thoughts. It's nice to get them out sometimes. Right? Everything is going great here. I do seem to say that a lot, but that's okay because I'm just glad I still like it here. Ha.

Gabe is in his last two weeks of class for the semester and I am finishing up my last two weeks of teaching English. I have to say that teaching English has been quite a challenge this semester. I love the students, but I haven't felt really great about the English teaching part. Maybe when I get better at it I will enjoy it more. I did tell Gabe that there are many things that I am very passionate about and would love to teach (like finance and marriage and art and other stuff) but I just don't feel passionate about English yet. But God can make me passionate about it if that's what he wants me to do for now. Thank You Lord!

So Gabe is taking New Testament Survey for the next two weeks, and then the week of Christmas is just an all out outreach week. I am pretty sure he and his classmates will be ministering all over the city. There are some places I will go with him to minister, but some places just aren't suitable for Sailor and I to go. I think he will spend a couple days painting and ministering at a Thai prison. Then another day we will be going to the local embassy and other government offices to bring cookies and sing Christmas carols. Christmas night the church is doing a big worship service and message at the local mall. Gabe will be playing bass in the worship service. The next day Gabe will be going with his classmates to a local youth detention center. And then we will round off the week at the Thai hospital here in Sriracha where the students and staff will be bringing presents and singing Christmas carols to the sick kids. Yeah, what a week that will be. I believe we will have a lot more to share with you after the week is over. Whew!

So I know I told some of you, but we did go to Cambodia a couple weekends ago. That was quite an experience. Even though it was not the most comfortable place to be, I still find myself thinking often about going back to help out the ministry there. Gabe said maybe we should spend a month or so there this summer, but I said I would rather one to two weeks at the most. Ha. We have to go there for another weekend this February when we do our visa run, and then I think we may go for a week or two in May to help out. The young missionary that is there is a great guy, Joel Reimer, but he is pretty much alone. He does have a nice team of Cambodians helping him, but no westerners. He definitely has our support and prayers.

I have heard that many of you back home have been getting things together to send us for Christmas and I just want to say that you guys really blow us away. I honestly have no idea why you guys love us so much. It just doesn't make sense to me. But we Thank God all the time that we have such amazing friends and family back home. I just want to cry right now. I talk about you guys ALL THE TIME and I really think that the people here think we are making some of you guys up. But you are all real and are all amazing people in our lives. I feel like God truly touches us through you guys. WOW! There is no possible way to thank yall enough for all your support and blessings and prayers and messages. It's just so exciting to think that we get to spend our whole lives with you guys as our loved ones and then we get to spend all of eternity with you too! PRAISE GOD! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS!

Love, Dawn

Oh, and one last thing. We figured out what we are going to do when we get our Christmas packages from home. We are going to let another friend of ours here open the package and put Gabe's gifts in one bag and my gifts in another. Then she will give Gabe my bag of gifts and give me Gabe's bag of gifts and we will wrap them for eachother. Sailor's we will just both wrap. It will just be a little extra thing we can do to make Christmas feel special even though we are so far from home. We will be sure to video tape a message for everyone, so stay tuned. :)