Saturday, February 14, 2009

SriRacha Tiger Zoo

So we finally got to go the main attraction here in SriRacha, the tiger zoo. Seriously, when you google search SriRacha, Thailand and search for blogs with this, there are only two things that you usually read about, the famous SriRacha chilli sauce & the SriRacha Tiger Zoo. Our town is not a very big one here in Thailand, but we thoroughly enjoy it here. Anyways, we thought the Tiger Zoo was a nice little day adventure. Sailor loved it, of course. We got to see a crocodile show, a tiger show and an elephant show, which I am posting some videos of. The most interesting part of the trip was seeing the hundreds of crocodiles. We don't get very many outings around here, so this was actually quite a treat.

Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing us! 

More Videos :)

Okay, so I have gotten the hang of this loading videos stuff. I used to try to load videos, but I didn't know I was supposed to convert them to a smaller size before loading, and I would wait hours and nothing would happen. Now that I know what I am doing, you guys will be seeing a lot more videos from us. Yay! I hope you enjoy. These two videos are just short ones that I took at church one night when Gabe was playing guitar and our missionary friend Joel Reimer was leading. Not the best quality, but I love to see my handsome husband with a guitar in his arms making sweet music for the Lord! :)

Love, Dawn

Friday, February 13, 2009

Silly Sailor

Sailor likes to make videos. I think the end of this one is cute.


Sailor Sleeping