Saturday, October 25, 2008

English Class

Pictures from top:
1. Mark and Daniel 
from Thailand and Myanmar
2. Jenny, Wan and Joy
from Vietnam and Thailand
3. My whole class

I just thought I would share a few pictures of my English class with you guys. I volunteer at the Bible college for a couple hours three days a week & I teach an English class to the students. I am working on my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate right now, so this class is giving me a feel for teaching English.

It's pretty amazing because I have students from four different countries in my class. They are from Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, & Myanmar. Of course they all speak very different first languages, so when they come together they have to speak English to understand each other. 
It's quite challenging at times because it seems that I am quite limited in resources and quite new to this too, but it's so rewarding to get to know these people. Most of the students are around my age so outside of class we get along great as friends. 

I hope you enjoy their beautiful faces! They seemed excited that their pictures would be on our blog for you guys in America to see!