Saturday, October 25, 2008

English Students

Pictures from top:
1. Sang and Wan
A sweet newlywed couple from my class
2. Judy and me
Judy is a Burmese girl (Myanmar) who
is a 4th year graduating student. And for 
her final project she started a Children's
home on the Thailand/Myanmar border.
Pretty amazing!
3. Cina, Sophia, Tee and Judy
Three Vietnamese girls and one Burmese girl
4. Som Chai and Abayneh 
are from Thailand and Ethiopia


I-HUI said...

Dear Foster family:
This is Jewel who met guys in LA airport. i saw your blog update. It is so amazing and wonderful. God blessing all your family durning this mission trip.
everytime, i saw your updated, also encouraged me.
God is great. God is awesome. He provide everything for us.

take care.

love Jewel :)