Monday, October 27, 2008


I never imagined I would be so excited about driving a motorbike. We bought our first motorbike not long after we got here to Thailand. We were just using Thai public transportation at first, which is pretty cheap in American standards, but it was costing us quite a bit here. So we decided we should go ahead and get our own transportation, a motorbike. 

I would guess that most of the families here that drive own a motorbike. When we went looking we found a nice used one pretty fast for the price we wanted. It only cost us a couple hundred bucks and we figured we would save that easy within the first couple months of having the bike. That's because we were figuring we were spending over $100 a month on public transportation and now it is only costing us about $4 a week for gas in our bike...unbelieveable! Also, it only cost us $9 for good coverage insurance on our bike for the whole year...also unbelieveable!

Anyways, now we do have transportation. You should see all three of us Americans on our motorbike together. I am sure it is quite a sight. If you notice in the picture at the top, we do even have a baby seat for Sailor on the bike. And, I promise you that we do wear our helmets all the time. We don't leave home without them. 

The pictures below are of Sailor trying out a mini motorbike at the store. She loves bikes now and we could hardly get her off of this one. Don't worry though, we won't be getting her her own real little motorbike. This little one does happen to cost almost as much as our big one did...haha. No way jose'.


Katie said...

omg ! she is the prettiest girl ever ever ! shes so tall ! aww i love her !