Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Home

Hello everyone, I want to apologize for not having updated our blog. Well everything is going good over here. Dawn is teaching English to my classmates, which is kind of funny but great. Bible college is a great place to be. You get to be focused on the word, and develop a firm foundation in your Christianity. This is a picture of our new house, we are happy to be in it, and it is the biggest house we have ever lived in. We got a great deal on this rental home and  it is only $200 a month, what a blessing from God. Three bedrooms, two baths, which is great for when people need to stay over. It was completely empty when we moved in. There was only one small AC unit in the smallest bedroom, but nothing else. My parents have helped us get some of the big things we needed and some people from the local church gave us some things too. We do have some other pictures of it, so I might have to post some more on here. This place is very cool, but I did catch myself thinking I want to go back home the other day. Me and Dawn appreciate and miss all of you, yall have been amazing to us, and we couldn't have done it without yall's help and support. Sailor is doing just fine, her speech is starting to make sense. She did just recover from some little bug she had. It is hard to see your little girl go through sickness, but she it completely healed now, thank you Jesus. We found out the other day that she is terrified of chickens!!! It was the most hilarious thing ever. Whenever we are in public everyone stares at Sailor. I hope its because they think she is so cute, but she gets fed by random people everywhere we go. Of course she lets them know she wants it, and they are pleased to give it to her. Thai culture is very pleasant to be around, I haven't gotten to learn the language as fast I would like to though, but I do know a few words. Me and Dawn miss you guys very much and I am actually going to try and fly Dawn, and Sailor back for Grace and Jame's wedding. I am not making any promises though, but hopefully they will be able to make it. Well let's see if anything else exciting has happened, we do have a motorbike, for those of you who don't know that. Oh yes, also I am working with their TV show that airs in Canada. It is very cool, and I am learning what I have always wanted to. So God is good, and His blessings are for us, who are in righteousness with Him. We love everyone of you, and miss you very much. I can't wait until someone comes to visit. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, WE LOVE TO SEE WHO IS READING OUR BLOGS, THANKS!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the blogs guys! I am so happy to here that things are going great for your family. we will keep you in our prayers!

erica chapman

Anonymous said...

Glad to see all are doing fine and have settled in your new home.It looks really nice.. do yall have the upstairs portion too? We are just getting back online our computer died so I had to get familar with this new one. So now we have Skype and a webcam so we can talk with you guys:)Hope to see you at Grace and James wedding!I will keep yall in my prayers'Love Aunt Kim and family
kisses we miss yall bye4now

Lauren & Adam said...

Dawn I miss you guys. The home is so cute. its reminds me of dawn so much. Well, ttyl. Love you guys!